Library is a store house of knowledge. For a higher education institute, a library is considered to be a vital sub –unit as a learning resource. In today’s high-tech learning environment, the library as a learning resource is taking up increasingly more academic space and time in the life of learner. There is well stocked library with number of books, national & international  journals. The institute has an integrated plan of interlinking of the library with other libraries. Well equipped digital library keep the students to remain in touch with latest books and e-books.

Total No. of Books in Library: – 11167

Journals in Library
1. Ideal Research Review.
2. Journal of Education Planning & Administration.
3. Brics of Journal of Education Research.
4. Journal of Educational and Psychological Research.
5. University News
6. International Journal of Information Dissemination and Technology.
7. Edu Tracks
8. Journal of Community Guidance & Research
9. NCERT Journals
(a) Journal of Indian Education
(b) School Science
©The Primary Teacher
(d) Bhartiya Adhunik Shiksha
(e) Indian Education Review
(f) Prathmik Shikshak

Note: – No Addition in the last Quarter.